Tesla coils, plasma tubes and educational physics devices

Our team is keen on high voltage electromagnetic and plasma equipment.

Since 2012 we were inventing, developing and producing a line of quality products for all kinds of interactive entertainment applications.

We aimed to make our showpieces
user-friendly, trouble-proof,
electrifying and luminous.

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We try to create interesting and useful devices
Tesla Coils of ANY SIZE
From tiny Tesla Coil that can be used as a stylish lighter - to huge towers up to several meters lihtning sparks!
Scientific exhibits
Van De Graaff Generator, Jacobs Ladder, Ring Launcher, Inductive Heater and others.
Inventing, developing and producing
high voltage electromagnetic and plasma equipment
for all kinds of interactive exhibitions.
All photo and video materials on this site
represent real projects done by our team.
Projects and cases
Some highlighted works done by SILANTOR team as commercial projects, researches, and record challenges
Electromagnetics and plasma museum "Dom Molnii", Saint Petersburg, Russia
Dom Molnii, translated as 'The Home of Lightnings', is our own permanent exhibition located in shopping mall "Grand Canyon". All exhibits were made solely in our lab, including several unique objects such as musical Tesla coil show in Faraday cage, MARX generator, Van de Graaff generator, seven feet tall plasma tubes, Jacob's ladder and much else.
SILANTOR 8 feet tall musical DRSSTC
The largest operational musical double resonant solid state Tesla coil within Russia, producing 4 to 6 meter sparks and named after our company. It was featured on GEEK PICNIC tech fest in 2014.
The SILANTOR project has a peak power oscillation of over 1 megawatt and continious power consumption about 35 kW 3-phase.
This was a really fun project to make and run!
Wow!How? kids science fair
The WowHow company, our friends and partners, have done many kids science festivals using our equipment. Interactive plasma and high voltage pieces are amazing at entertaining kids of all ages and are an ornament for any children-related projects.
Tesla Gun prototype
The one-of-a-kind fully portable QCW Tesla coil. It operates from Li-ion battery and can produce 1.5 meter sword-like sparks, which are safe to touch. The QCW Tesla coils are the most advanced Tesla coil types, and there were only two portable versions ever built. SILANTOR group has developed a unique handheld version of QCW DRSSTC, known as 'Tesla Gun'.
First featured on Polyfest science festival, 2016
DR3 Tesla Platforms
Tesla Platform is a special type of Tesla coil that uses human body capacitance as a part of resonance circuit. The performer in a chainmail Faraday cage suit stands on the toroid of such Tesla coil and emits lightnings from his hands just like some sort of Sith Lord. We have built a pair of such coils with total spark length over 5 metes with MIDI modulated discharge, allowing to create a beautiful and astonishing Tesla Show. They can be used both outdoors and indoors with great success.
Featured on Polyfest science festival, 2015 and 16.
SILANTOR team offers a wide range of different options related to making high voltage equipment
What we do
Science museums equipment
We are experts in converting electromagnetic physical effects to safe and fun interactive form. Plasma tubes, Tesla coils, electric arc and spark generators, Gauss guns, lasers, and many other items packed in the casing of interactive exhibit allow visitors to explore the amazing world of high voltages and electromagnetism with maximum joy.
Made-on-order devices
SILANTOR constantly researches and invents new schematics and applications for high voltage equipment. Interior design with plasma tubes and plasma paintings. Miniature battery-powered Tesla coils as magicians and illusionists props. Plasma art and neon sculptures power supplies. Power inverters for various applications. Just describe your idea and vision and we shall do our best to implement it in real life for you!
Tesla coils and plasma props of all types
Tesla coils and plasma are our specialty. Tabletop solid state ones with Bluetooth and MIDI music support for kids science shows. Gigantic double-resonant coils for open-airs and large theatrical Tesla shows. Steampunk-styled vacuum tube apparatuses. Plasma balls, tubes and neon figures that glow wireless will make your show simply the best.
Tesla Coil Show
We have the largest stock of scene-ready Tesla coils of all sizes and a great experience in performing. Musical lightnings dancing around Tesla Man, protected by a chainmail suit, attract public attention and impact the perception of the audience like nothing else. Concerts, festivals, product presentations, corporate events will become unforgettable for visitors with our Tesla Show.
About SILANTOR Company
We are a group of professional electronic engineers, designers and artists that specialize on visual and sensory effects produced by high voltage apparatuses for over five years. We have been researching Tesla coils, electric plasma, and their applications in show business - like science shows, interactive museums, TV/cinema and any other you can imagine.
Formerly known as TeslaCoilRu Group, we rebranded recently to a new name of SILANTOR.
Most members of our team were amateur high voltage fans and Tesla coil builders before we met each other and created a powerful community to implement serious projects that can be done only together.
We've been creating electronic devices and investigating the world of applied high voltages for over five years, thus having the most cutting edge inventions and designs in this area.
How we work
Contact us
If you want any stock product, just leave an order and have it shipped to you in 3 days - that's it! For made-to-order pieces read further.
Order processing
After receiving your request we construct a visual of if and share to you the drawings. We communicate on all updates until the project parameters are established.
Production and manufacture
We manufacture all high voltage and plasma pieces in our own lab. This allows full control of quality and accordance to specifications.
Payment and shipping
After the project is complete and we received the payment, it is shipped to your destination. We work worldwide and accept a wide range of payment methods, from wire transfer and PayPal to cash and Bitcoin!
Photo gallery
Some shots made by our happy customers.
Most of them feature HBR and FBR Tesla coils and plasma props as they are our most popular products.
Most of plasma and high voltage effects look cool on photos, but their real beauty is revealed in motion. Watch these sample videos to have a glance on it, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!
The giant green Plasma Disc
A set of plasma tubes with different discharge types
MIDI Tesla Coil sample track - Bach's Toccata
Giant electric arc generator of 20 kW power
Giant blue plasma tube
TeslaBattle at Polyfest 2016 by TeslaCoilRu official video
Dom Molnii science show museum
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