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Equipment: DR-1 Tesla Coils - 2 pcs, TeslaMan LED suit - 1 pcs
Equipment: Plasma Tubes (all sizes), Plasma Globes, Plasma Discs, Tesla Coil FBR-I, Tesla Coil DR-1, Tesla Podium, Lichtenberg Figures, Ring Launcher, Van de Graaff generator, Marx Pulse Generator, Induction Heater
Equipment: Plasma Tubes (all sizes, 12 pcs), Plasma Paintings (16 pcs), Laser Wall, fluorescent lamps
Equipment: Plasma Tubes (all sizes), Plasma Globes, exhibits: Tesla Coil, Jacob's Ladder
Equipment: Tesla Coil FBR-I, chainmail glove, Tesla Coil E1, Neon Rods - 5 pcs
Equipment: Two DR-3 Tesla Platforms, TeslaMan suit, fluorescent lamps, The Tesla Gun
Equipment: Tesla Coil HBR-I, mini plasma balls, chainmail glove, fluorescent lamp
Equipment: Plasma Tube - Large, exhibits: Van de Graaff Generator, Jacob's Ladder, Ring Launcher, Tesla Coil, Plasma Disc - Medium
Equipment: DR-1 Tesla Coil, The Tesla Gun, Emerald Plasma Tube, Plasma Table 80 cm, HBR-I Tesla Coil
DR-4 20-feet Giant DRSSTC Tesla Coil
Equipment: Plasma Tubes, HBR-I Tesla Coil, DR-1 Tesla Coils (2 pcs), TeslaMan suit
R&D in Tesla coils, high voltage, plasma effects and power electronics since 2008

We have our own research lab and manufacturing facility located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. During our constant search for new applications we developed some unique items like the largest Tesla coil in Russia and the first handheld Tesla Gun in the world
Производим оборудование как для небольших площадок в помещении, так и масштабных мероприятий
Fast and reliable worldwide delivery for plasma exhibits
Tesla Coils and Plasma Lights are popular in any part of the world. And - fortunately - we do worldwide shipping, fast, secure, and reliable. Everything is carefully packed, and if something is broken replacement is on us!
Tesla Shows and Plasma Installations
We use our own equipment to organize and support many events that have outstanding popularity due to the fascinating nature of electric plasma. You can have a look at some in "Projects and cases" section
Фотка катушки тесла и других приборов
Заполните форму,
наш инженер перезвонит в течение 1 часа, уточнит размеры объект и технические детали
Who we are and what we do
Our clients, partners and friends
NEMO Science Museum, Systo Togathering, Prana Group, GEEK PICNIC, Wow! How?, Moscow Planetarium, LOMO Optics Museum, Aurora Northern Lights Rejkyavik Museum, SAMSKARA and many others
We are a group of high voltage and plasma enthusiasts: developers, electronic engineers, artists and designers, founded in 2008. Since then we've been constantly working on all types of electromagnetic and high voltage showpieces, bringing to world both serial devices and such amazing unique projects like Handheld Tesla Gun, 20-feet lightning SILANTOR DRSSTC, 30 kW Jacob's Ladder, 8-feet Giant Plasma Tube, and many many others.
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Avoid excessive expenses
You will know for sure what exact device or exhibit you need and how to operate it for best performance with your projects or idea.
Create spectacular installations
Your events will be remembered as one of the most impressive among all else, and photos made by your guests are going to spread wide in social media.
Enhance your shows, events or interiors
Plasma exhibits provide a unique atmosphere of mixing steampunk and cyberpunk styles, fitting in both of them and attracting attention like nothing else.
Protect yourself from unexpected failures
Every singe device is made by hand, double checked for quality and tested for all functions. We also give a 12-month warranty and also offer help in installation at your place if needed.
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Saint Petersburg, Russia
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