L3W Laser Wall

Artificial Northern Lights, or Synthetic Aurora, is one of the most impressive developments of TeslaCoilPro in the field of stage special effects. The magic of laser walls that with their colored blades of monochromatic light cut the velvet canvas of the warmed August night, still warm in summer, but already penetrated by the first, still weak, fresh streams of autumn wind, saturated with cool fog drawn from the surface of the bay, mixed with the smoke of fires, hookahs, and even something else, and filled with divine music, which once came to warm on the fire of those nameless geniuses who first invented to play loud music right in the woods, and so remained by the fire in the woods forever, where it grew diverse, multi-genre and large, and now itself - several times a year - warms the hearts and souls of so many of us - a truly unforgettable spectacle.
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