The Lichtenberg Figure

Lichtenberg figures are a particular type of fractal pattern that remains in dielectric material after high voltage passes through it. These patterns resemble lightning discharge, and can be observed in many high voltage breakdown phenomena such as on the ground, in the air, on trees, ceramics, and even on skin.

Each Lichtenberg figure is unique in its nature, and there is no way to obtain two identical ones.

There are several ways to artificially create such formations. For example, to create three-dimensional transparent sculptures, a linear electron accelerator is used to pump high-energy electrons into a piece of plastic, which are then released from it with a single blow and draw a pattern.

Our figures are made on wooden boards of any size, from 20*20 cm to 1000*2000 cm, and will serve as a beautiful decoration for the walls of a science museum or exhibition.
If necessary, the product can be finished (for example, by changing the color palette) or even create an device that makes them right in front of the visitors' eyes.
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