Amethyst Plasma Globe

Thin, slow, piercing blue with whiteness plasma strings with a delicate red-purple aura around the endings.

The Plasma Globe Interactive Exhibit is one of the most popular exhibits for interactive museums, planetariums, and educational centers, illustrating the emergence and behavior of plasma in a safe and visually appealing way. When a button is pressed in the glass sphere, thin, multiple bundles of plasma light up, diverging throughout the volume of the sphere. We can make several different colors and variations in charge behavior. The glass shell, filled with a mixture of inert gases at reduced pressure, limits their spreading and allows us to touch the discharges, which begin to be attracted to the fingers of the hands, almost like a living organism

Sphere: 42 cm in diameter.
Pedestal size: 60x50x50 cm.
Power supply: 220V
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