Tesla Coil E1-A "Plasma Speaker"

The Tesla E1-A ionophone coil (plasma speaker) is the next development after the successful E1 model, better known as the "Power Kacher". The E1-A differs from its predecessor in its ability to audio modulate the discharge, making it a so-called ionophone or plasma speaker. It is an absolute novelty on the market. The audio signal is transmitted wirelessly, so the E1-A is a Bluetooth speaker where the music is created by the lightning itself!

With additional plasma globes, spirals or sticks that shine from it as brightly as from much larger coils, you can create a truly colorful performance! In addition, the E1-A can hold up to four plasma globes "on" at the same time. Lightning discharges up to 3 centimeters long are completely safe if the instructions are followed.
Ideal for magic tricks, illusion shows, science museums and as a tabletop gadget.
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