We are the first in the world to make a fully handheld Tesla Cannon, without the cumbersome backpack with batteries. The Tesla Cannon shoots real lightning bolts, up to 120 cm long, has a Bluetooth mode setting (and can be triggered remotely from an android phone).
Two models are shown in the photo: a prototype layout and a release model (1.0).

It is powered by 16 18650 batteries. The Tesla gun is equipped with a battery charge indicator. One full charge is enough for approximately 300-400 shots.
Each pulse lights up all the daylight lamps around. When it hits the skin, it feels like a slight click with a tingling sensation and is safe because of the high frequency of the current. However, it can set flammable materials on fire - be safe!

This is a unique development of TeslaCoil, made to order. There is currently the only Tesla gun of its kind in the world.
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