DR-2 Tesla Music Coil

Tesla DRSSTC-class music Coil

Discharge length: up to 2.5 meters.
Dimensions: 46*46*130 cm.
Weight: 33 kg assembled.
Continuous work time in medium power mode: at least 10 minutes.
Power supply: 6-7 kW 220V 50Hz.
Remote console
MIDI and USB support

Tesla DR-Series Music Coils (DRSSTC) are the most powerful Tesla coils in production, designed for use on the big stage. They create lightning bolts up to several meters long, which can be modulated with a MIDI signal, causing them to produce sound. For Tesla transformers in this class, there is virtually no limit to the power limit of the design.
This Tesla DR2 Coil is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The maximum discharge length is 2.5 meters. Equipped with a remote control designed for pairing two coils at once via an optical interface, with USB and MIDI inputs. Power is supplied from 220V 50Hz household network or from a gasoline generator.

All DR-class coils require good quality grounding, separate from the power line. Read the manual carefully.
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