"The Tesla Podium" Exhibit

The Tesla Podium, known as the Electric Pedestal, is a miniature Tesla Coil made in the form of a flat round cylinder and designed to stand on it with your feet on top, becoming an extension of it. In doing so, your body begins to spread a field around you, the power of which is enough for all sorts of spectacular tricks, in particular the activation and glow of some plasma spheres and neon lights. Being perfectly safe (the power is identical to that of the E0 model, not more than 20 W), this marvelous device allows you to perform a number of extremely fascinating tricks: for example, you can light a match or a puddle of spirit with your finger, light up a lamp without any sound or movement, etc. Using the Tesla Podium is extremely simple - plug it in, press the button, enjoy the work. The kit comes with a remote control which allows your assistant to discreetly turn the Tesla podium on and off, completely amazing the audience watching the trick.

Power: 12V 2A adapter, 20W.
Maximum load: not more than 130 kg.
Dimensions: 31.5 x 10 cm.
Weight: about 4 kg.
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