DR-3 Musical Tesla Platform

Powerful Tesla Coil with MIDI-standard support for music playback. Structurally designed to function with the Tesla Man on top of the toroid, which is a lightning source up to three meters long. Uniquely designed by the TeslaCoil Group specifically for the most unusual Tesla shows and demanding viewers.

  • Characteristics:
  • Fully assembled weight: 80 kg
  • Dimensions when assembled: 200*170*170 cm
  • Discharge length: up to three meters (5.5 meters for a two-device system)
  • Power supply: 3F 380V 32A
  • Music support: MIDI-standard, from a laptop or a synthesizer.
  • Accessories: Lightning generator (Tesla coil model DR3), Tesla Platform, optical cable, power cable, remote control, instructions for use, transport case.
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