Musical kit for Tesla show "Standart-M"

The Standart set contains everything you need for a dynamic, medium-sized Tesla show lasting up to 40 minutes, plus interaction with the audience. A large set of various props allows you to conduct a Tesla show "right out of the box". Video tutorial for a quick introduction to the equipment. There is no age limit, our youngest animator performed his first independent performance at the age of 10 (video). In the musical set Tesla Coil with bright lightning up to 30cm can play MIDI tracks without speakers where the melody "plays" the lightning itself, and our application allows you to control the coil from your phone (on Android). The set "Basic" comes with a Tesla coil HBR-I, it has many modes, control with the knobs on the body, without the application and music. You can read more about the characteristics of the individual items on the links.

Composition of the kit:
- Tesla Model HBR-M Music Coil/Tesla Model HBR-I Base Coil
- Kacher (mini Tesla coil) model E0 for interaction with audience
- Mobile app to control the coil by bluetooth (for Android) in the music kit
- Complete set of MIDI files and ability to upload your tracks
- Two plasma globes, the volume of 1 liter of different colors
- Plasma globe with a volume of 500 ml.
- Lamp-ring glowing from the coil field
- Sword lamp, 60 cm fluorescent.
- Yellow coloring of the discharge
- Terminal for controlling the discharge
- Low current bulb for coil electromagnetic field experiments
- "Lightning lord's glove" for catching the discharge with your hand
- Teachable instructions in text and video format
- A collection of cool experiments for the Tesla show
- Power supply for E0 and power cord for HBR-M/HBR-I
- Large case for storage and transportation.
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