Music kit for the Tesla show "Premium-M"

Large music kit for a large scale Tesla show. This is no longer a toy, it is a large set with a large coil requiring operator work.

The 60 cm lightning bolts from the FBR-M/FBR-I Tesla coil are capable of impressing any audience. Music mode with wireless control via Bluetooth. We have developed a special mobile app for easy operation of our equipment. And the E1 reel is a great addition to the set with which spectators, even the smallest ones, can repeat tricks with their own hands without coming close to the big show.

When you buy the Premium-M set, you save by buying as a set. Plus a handy carrying case as a gift.

- Tesla Model FBR-M Music Coil / Tesla Model FBR-I Base Coil
- Kacher (mini Tesla coil) model E1 for interaction with the audience
- Mobile app to control the coil by bluetooth (for Android) in the music kit
- MIDI file set included and ability to upload your tracks
- Two plasma globes, the volume of 1 liter of different colors
- Plasma globe, 500ml.
- Lamp-ring glowing from the coil field
- 60 cm fluorescent sword lamp.
- The yellow coloring of the discharge
- Discharge control terminal
- Low current bulb for coil electromagnetic field experiments
- "Lightning lord's glove" for catching the discharge with your hand
- Teachable instructions in text and video format
- A collection of cool experiments for the Tesla show
- Power supply for E1 and power cord for FBR-M/FBR-I
- Large case for storage and transportation.
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