Tesla coil. Model HBR
This is a plug-and-play MIDI and Bluetooth solid state Tesla coil. It can be controlled both manually and from Android app, producing up to 30 cm (12'') sparks that are safe to touch by hands. The electromagnetic field powers up any gas-filled lightning bulbs, CCFLs, plasma tubes and balls so that they glow in many different colors wirelessly. MIDI modulation makes discharge play music directly from your android phone!
Basic version is manually controlled only.

Spark lenth: up to 30cm (12")
Dimensions (assembled): 30x30x45cm (12x12x18")
Weight: 3.5kg
Warranty: 12 months

110VAC and 220VAC power voltage versions are available.

Comes with: Tesla coil, wired power, instruction manual. Android APP and 10 MIDI tracks are send by e-mail with Musical version.
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