Tesla Coil. Model E1-A Plasma-speaker
The E1-A Tesla coil is a compact yet powerful plasma speaker. It creates an electromagnetic field around itself like any Tesla coil, that lights up any gas-filled lamps like fluorescent, CCFLs, neon signs and plasma balls. High voltage forms a small violet streamer on the top of the coil, that is safe to touch because of high frequency and so-called skin effect. However, it is quite hot, so don't get burned: it ignites wood, paper and other combustible materials with ease, if applied for several seconds.
If you turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for new devices while E1-A is powered on, you will be able to connect to it and use as a plasma speaker (also known as ionophone). The sound is generated by streamer plasma, that collapses and expands thousands times every second, thus generating sound waves that we percept and identify as music (or whatever you would like to stream via Bluetooth).
Our development team has spent hundreds of hours improving the sound quality, so now this plasma speaker is one of the best audio-enhanced Tesla coils commercially available!

Power: 50W (110/220VAC)
Lightning tassel: 3cm (1.2")
Dimensions (with top terminal): 11x25cm (4.3x10")
Weight: 1kg (with supply adapter)
Can power up: CCFls, neon lamps, fluorescent lamps, several plasmaballs and plasmatubes.

Warrnaty: 12 months.

Attention! Using other adapters is strictly not recommended. The adapter is an integral part of this Tesla Coil.
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